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About Java Crew

Thank you for your interest in this crazy thing we call Java Crew. Coffee has been an integral ingredient of America since its inception, it's part of who we are and where we come from. Present at every great development or event in American history we're sure you could have found a few pots of that dark brew.

While other companies try very hard to present espresso as an exotic Italian drink, we have a different view. We believe that it's a wonderful creation of the Northwest. While the Italians developed a superior way to extract the essence of coffee, America, through its ingenuity created a unique way to use this golden gift of espresso, adding wonderful flavors and frothy milk. It is truly the American re-invention of coffee.

Meet Darin
Owner and Founder
Our mission is clear. Java Crew must bring that magic stuff to the masses! We strive every day to serve our customers the highest quality Espresso drinks, in a friendly environment, and at a pace that fits into their busy day. We like to think that we make friends daily; not a bad job.

Along our journey, we created our own blends of coffee and chocolate, based upon customers' preferences. Northwest coffee drinkers know what they like! You'll find our varying locations to be warm, friendly, down to earth, and comfortable, never trendy or snooty. Humor and a reverence for our culture's past embellish our establishments. We truly hope that you'll enjoy visiting as much as we enjoy serving you. Seize the day..........but don't forget your coffee!

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Donation Requests
Javacrew is an active member of the community and participates with many community charitable organizations. If you would like to ask for contributions from Javacrew please use the form below to submit your request. We will review your request; and if and only if your request is accepted we will respond back to you via the information provided in this form. Please do not call after making a submission.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to give back to our community.

Please provide the following information for your request. All information must be provided and be accurate in order for us to consider your request:

Organization Name:
Point of Contact Name:
Point of Contact Phone:
Point of Contact Email:
Date of Event or Need:
How Many Participants:
How Many Attendees:

Describe exact location of donation use or event:

Describe Your Event Or Need (Please be thorough in your description. Vague responses will be denied.):

Thank you for your interest in working for Java Crew. We take pride in creating an enjoyable environment for our guests AND our crew.

We offer benefits and advantages you could appreciate.

  • A fun, positive work environment.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Medical benefits after a grace period.
  • Enjoyable Competitions and group bonuses.
  • Free gym memberships for active crew.
  • Paid vacation time after a grace period.
  • Growth potential in a growing company.

What makes a good candidate for Java crew?

  • An outgoing, positive personality.
  • A sincere interest in creating happy guests.
  • An ability to work in a team and enjoy it.
  • Reliability
  • The daily ability to be self motivated.
  • A good memory.
  • An ability to focus your energy with a smile.
  • Good work ethics.
  • Clean cut, professional appearance.

If you match the above personality traits we want to talk to you! There are 2 ways to submit.


1. Video Submission:

The fastest and easiest way to introduce yourself to us!

Just record a video on your phone telling us why you want to work for Java Crew and

explain what you will bring to our company. In the video start with your name and phone number so we can reach you better.

Click email address to submit your video as an attachment to:


2. Fill out an application:

Download an application and deliver it to the nearest Java Crew.

Be sure and ask for the manager for best results. Click Here For Job Application


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